Lightning Source, an Ingram Content Group company, is the leader in providing a comprehensive suite of inventory-free on-demand print and distribution services for books to the publishing industry. Lightning Source gives the publishing community options to print books in any quantity, one to 10,000, and provides its customers access to the most comprehensive bookselling channel in the industry in both the United States and the United Kingdom.

Lightning Source offers a print and distribution model for every publisher, every title and every situation. Because these are complete vertical integration models, a single communication drives the production process all the way to order fulfillment. Provide them with the quantity and the destination and they'll handle all the necessary details.

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clients order stock both to our warehouse and direct-to-customer via our partnership with Lightning Source

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We're very proud to be accredited by BIC.

BIC is the book industry's independent supply chain organisation, committed to improving the efficiency of the trade and library supply chains, reducing cost and automating processes.

BIC is committed to creating an efficient supply chain for both physical and digital products in the trade and library sectors, working with all the relevant stakeholders to eliminate wasteful and time-consuming practices and implement solutions acceptable to all. BIC's unique position of trust with all parties in the supply chain makes it possible to reach agreement on dependable standards.

Learn more about BIC and its accreditation scheme here.

we've been BIC accredited for the past ten years

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Nielsen PubEasy

Nielsen PubEasy is a global selection and ordering service that gives you real time availability for key distributors.  Nielsen PubEasy enables booksellers worldwide to search, select and order titles quickly and efficiently.  Thousands of booksellers, of all sizes and locations including North America, Europe and Asia use Nielsen PubEasy to facilitate order placement, order tracking, latest price and availability with participating distributors and wholesalers including NBNi, via the Internet.  Using Nielsen PubEasy is a more cost effective and efficient way for booksellers to source books – all you need is your Nielsen PubEasy password which will give you instant access to the Nielsen PubEasy network enabling you to place and track your order twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.  What could be easier? 

To login or register to use Nielsen PubEasy click here.


Nielsen BookData Online

If you would like more enriched book and other trade information to inform your purchasing and ordering you can use Nielsen BookData Online, this is a subscription service and you will need to register and subscribe to the service in order to take full advantage of the benefits including Nielsen BookScan sales ranking, enriched metadata, classification etc.  Nielsen BookData Online provides book metadata on over 27m title records, the latest price and availability and you can search, select and order online and receive order acknowledgements from over 40,000 suppliers worldwide. 

To find out more click here, to take a free trial and see the benefits for yourself go to: and register.

the data Nielsen provides on the book industry is just one part of their overall business

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The IPG provides Ingram Publisher Services UK with a myriad of networking, collaboration and knowledge sharing opportunities with a huge range of publishers.

The IPG helps publishers to do better business and become part of a real community — somewhere they can find advice, benefits and information. It gives independent companies the support they need to get the most out of publishing and keep their businesses growing.

The IPG is in better shape than at any time and in 2012 it celebrated its 50th year of supporting independent publishing. Membership is at an all-time high of nearly 600 companies. The IPG represents publishers of all shapes and sizes — from one-person operations to medium sized companies to international heavyweights. One of the most impressive things about the independent publishing community is its willingness to share its expertise, and new joiners get access to a mine of knowledge and experience, from both their fellow members and the IPG’s own Board of Directors.

Find out more about what the IPG has to offer here.

the IPG provides great opportunities not just for us but also for many of our clients

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"Batch have worked with the team at IPS UK for many years and are always impressed with their levels of professionalism and customer care which makes them one of the UK’s most important book distributors." - Batch Services

Batch is a free invoice payment and data system developed by the Booksellers Association of the UK and Ireland to serve the book trade. Bookstores in the UK and overseas save time and money by paying all their suppliers with a single monthly payment per currency: sterling, euros or US dollars.

Over the years, Batch has become much more than just a payments service and now helps businesses worldwide to reduce the time spent sorting out payments, claims and returns so they can concentrate on helping the public to discover great books.

We strongly advise that trade customers explore the services Batch has to offer. Click here for more, or to sign up for the service.



with Batch we can simplify payments and credits through one convenient process

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"Since we first started working with IPS UK back in 2002 they have demonstrated a forward-thinking approach to technology and the supply chain. Together we have worked on many innovative projects aimed at driving-up efficiency and improving service levels for IPS UK customers." - Epicor

Epicor Software Corporation provides industry-specific business software designed around the needs of manufacturing, distribution, retail, and services organizations.  More than 40 years of experience with customers’ unique business processes and operational requirements is built into every solution―in the cloud, hosted, or on premises.  

Today, over 20,000 customers in 150 countries around the world rely on Epicor's expertise and solutions to improve performance and profitability.

Epicor products are working today on a global scale, delivering impressive benefits to companies. With a deep understanding of your industry, Epicor solutions promote growth while managing complexity and increasing efficiency. The result is powerful solutions that free your resources so you can grow your business.

Check out Epicor, and the other companies they work with, here.

we've been helped to grow and develop by Epicor for many years

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